Missing Classmates... Help!

We are missing information on the following classmates. If you have any information on these fellow classmates, please email the information to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call one of our Reunion Committee.

See your name on this list and you are already registered?  Let us know!


Bob Ames

Mary Anderson

Cheryl Arndt

Tom Arnold

David Ayers

Maureen Babcock

Mary Barker

Carolyn Bartels

Steve Bealka

Janet Becker

Jeff Beer

Laurie Behymer

Diane Berger

Tyrone Bergeron

Allan Bergevin

Bruce Blatchley

Barbara Blekum

Craig Bradley

Dave Burgess

Robert Carlson

Paul Carlson

David Carlson

Vern Christensen

Jennifer Christen

Greg Collins

Colleen Collins

Tim Condon

Paul Copeland

Brian Croone

Christopher Curran

Alex Dahl

Jo Dahlstrom

Jacqueline Davidson

Wilhelm Davis

Kenda Kemp

Tami Kielmeyer

Barbara Klaas (Vollmer)

Terri Klingbeil

Susan Klinger

Norbert De Feitas

Kathryn Delaney

Lynn Denesen

Elizabeth Doroff

Patty Driscoll

Kathleen Dyrdal

Kathy Eisentrager

Gretchen Escobedo

Cathy Fox

Mary Friant

Denise Friant

James Furseth

Dan Garvey

Richard Gavere

Dan Gedatus

Veryl Gehl

James Grundhauser

Richard Hage

Kevin Hallen

Allyn Hamble

Jennifer Haslund

Lee Heck

Rebecca Henry

Howard Hruby